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Originally Posted by Raz0rEdge View Post
The i5 will do your bidding perfect fine, there's no compelling need to go to the i7..if you really need have the upgraded 2TB HDD then do so, but avoid upgrading the stock 4GB of memory, you can upgrade to 8GB yourself by purchasing RAM from either OWC or Cricual (it'll be cheaper and is a 5 min install)..

I will use the 2 tr because of the large files from the HD camcorder and I'm sure having 8gb of ram will help with rendering and all. I've heard of people saying how easy it is to replace the ram and how overpriced the apple stores charge for the upgrade but frankly, i'm new to the iMac and am not comfortable opening it up. I can replace it on a pc but considering that the brain and heart of the computer is a all in one chasis with the monitor, i'm a little worried about open it up. The apple store is asking for $200 to upgrade to 8gb. Does that sound really overpriced?
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