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For the last imac, the tech specs says the mini display port could be used as a input (which output device has to be supporting display port).

In the new imac tech specs.... i couldn't find any thing about video input, only about that the 2 thunderbolt could be use as video output.

So would i be able to use it as a screen?

Also, i wanna connect my ps3 and use the imac as a screen!
(It's a fantastic full HD screen~)

I have seen sth like this "PS3 and LED Cinema Display Solution (also DVI to Mini DP) - MacRumors Forums"

and it just cost too much that is enough for me to get a new screen!

So if the new imacs have video inputs.... than tht means this thing "Connecting A PlayStation 3 To Your iMac Being BigMacky " will work!

Well the adapter cost me only 150 bucks~

The problem is..... does the thunderbolt ports could use it as an video input??
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