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Originally Posted by Raz0rEdge View Post
You're searching for the wrong thing..

What you want is internal storage or hard drive not internal memory or RAM.

Upgrading an iMac's HD is not a trivial thing, you can follow places like iFixIt and others that do the breakdown to follow it..

You might be better of finding some local Apple-savvy stores and have them upgrade the HDD for you..

OK Guys-thanks again.
I was perusing the manual that came with my new iMac21.5" and from a cursory look I had mistaken the RAM upgrade for the hard drive in the method of fitting the manual shows can be done by even un-skilled techies !
So - changing the internal hard drive is obviously a different matter, essentially done by trained technicians !
Is it in that case-better to stick with my original 500gb-and just use external drives to boost the native memory ?
On this subject - my 1st iMac-the 24" in question here - has a strange 'additional' amount of memory - as well as the 500gb core, it also has 138gb's - from where I can not fathom !
Any ideas on this anomaly ?
I have 2 other Macs with 500gb internal hard drives-and they are both the standard 500gb's....
I remember at first getting confused with the 'Macintosh Hard Disc' - and the 'Start Up disc' - what is the difference please ?
I don't seem to have this distinction on my other 2 Macs with 500gb hard drives....
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