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@bobtomay -- Thanks for the reply. I have looked all around too and couldn't come up with anything. I ended up calling Apple this morning.

@EvenStranger -- That's the steps I took with Apple Tech Support to fix it. Unfortunately, I didn't see your reply before calling Apple, but I was only on the phone with them maybe a total of 10-15 minutes and spent no time in queue.

Here is what the tech rep said:

There is a known issue about this that they are having the engineers look into, and they imagine will be part of the next iPad2 update. *Something* is causing the mute to be switched on without actually taking the steps yourself to do it.

When selected, that mute feature is only supposed to mute the keyboard clicks but it seems to be muting the internal speakers for all apps. They are only aware of it happening with people who have designated the side switch to be for screen rotation lock.

For now, that is how you fix the problem but the rep imagines it will be part of the next update, whenever that happens.
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