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Kudos for some of those links bob... I'm just going to guess that the OP isn't interested in anything past pirated downloads, since he/she hasn't responded, but that's ok, turned out to be a good thread nonetheless! I've seen the likes of Decibel before, and it certainly is a better media player than iTunes or Songbird etc..

I'll add to the list of high rez and legit download sites:

AIX Records
Blue Coast records
Bowers And Wilkins Society Of Sound
Cantaloupe Music
Chesky Records
Gimell Records
Hi-Res Music
High Definition Tape Transfers
Reference Recordings

And since audio players have been brought up, I'll contribute to that list as well. I can not take credit for finding these. That, goes to "Currawong" on Head-Fi:

Amarra by Sonic Studio

Amarra :: High Resolution Music Players and VINYL Restoration
Commercial, demo available for download.
Comes in three flavours: Amarra, Amarra Mini and Amarra Junior with varying features and prices. The player integrates with iTunes, or can be used stand-alone importing tracks into a playlist with one click from the Finder or iTunes. For people with a lot of RAM in their computer, it can be used in cache mode where the files are loaded into memory before playback. Includes iZotope resampling software. However, the licence either requires an iLok USB key or the software is locked to a single computer which can't be transferred.

audirvana (Open Source)
audirvana - OSX Audiophile player - Google Project Hosting
The first player to offer a window that looks like a piece of hi-fi gear, it offers device "hog mode" and up-sampling by default. The feature list is otherwise very basic at present.

Clementine Player
clementine-player - A cross-platform music player based on Amarok 1.4 - Google Project Hosting
Free (Open Source based on Amarok 1.4)
This multi-platform player is more of a music organiser than anything, with features geared in that direction (such as having LastFM support), rather than having any audiophile settings. Thankfully, unlike other multi-platform applications, it isn't Java based (using Qt instead), so the user interface is fast.

Decibel by Steven F Booth
Decibel from
The developer of Play produced a basic, high-quality music player known as AyreWave in conjunction with Ayre. This has now dropped any association with them and has been renamed Decibel. The software itself, while basic, allows one-click importing from files selected in the Finder or iTunes, "hog mode".

Ecoute by PixiApps
PixiApps - Ecoute 2 times better, same price !
With iTunes integration, including song rating and metadata support, this is the player for people who want a slick, theme-able one-window interface and want to share your listening habits on Twitter, Facebook or LastFM. It also supports the Apple remote control.

Fidelia by Audiophile Engineering
Audiofile Engineering - Fidelia
With a main window that looks like a piece of high-end hi-fi gear, but far more classy than that of audirvana, it has the ability to play music directly from iTunes playlists without needing to have iTunes running. Also included are a selection of on-the-fly resampling methods, including iZotope and remote control software for the iPhone and iPod Touch available in the App Store.

Play by Steven F Booth
Play from
Until recently, almost the only alternative to iTunes if you wanted a simple music player and nothing else. Allows access to the built-in Mac OS X audio effects filters, which can be very handy if you want a 31-band equaliser, high-pass filter or the like. Since all this is incorporated into Decibel it is probably more worth it to download that instead.

Pure Music by Channel D
CHANNEL D - Pure Music
Commercial, demo available for download.
Based upon Pure Vinyl and using its own playback engine, like Amarra, integrates with iTunes, running in a window alongside and can re-sample music on the fly. Unlike Amarra, it requires iTunes to be running to select tracks, but offers a considerable slew of other options.

Songbird - Welcome
More a multi-platform internet connected media library project by previous Firefox, Netscape and Winamp developers, it might be easier to consider Songbird to music what Thunderbird is to email, yet a lot more, with online integration.

Vox by Alessio Nonni
Vox :: The Lightweight Music App for Mac OS X
Free (donations requested).
Much the same as Play, a slowly developed app that does little more than just play music with a minimal footprint. Like Play, it gives access to in-built Mac OS X audio effects filters.
Some of those need some serious set up instructions, as they're not just plug/play audio players. In iTunes, there is, for example, a 10-band equalizer. However, that doesn't cover the entire audible spectrum very well. However there is a system EQ that can be accessed in any program that can call it. Play and Vox can as they enable the use of the Mac OS X built-in effects filters. In Vox, the second button from the left on the controller window opens the effects window. Clicking on "Add" pops up a menu under which is an "Apple" sub-menu with a list of AUwhatever filters. AUGraphicEQ is the one you want. You can draw curves with it by holding down the control key and literally drawing a curve, the sliders jumping to the mouse location as it passes over. In Fedelia, the main window has three menus below the playback controls where effects can be added.

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