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Originally Posted by Ttaylor394 View Post
I would venture to say the Cost/benefit will be very bad if you consider the the SSD option. The ram option will be much cheaper.

I'm no expert, but no matter where the OS (Lion) is stored, HHd or SSD, you will need ram to run it. I understand an SSD to make boot time faster. I think the actual operation of the SSD will lean towards ram and the CPU. I would buy ram, cheaper and I think you wiuld notice more of a difference with the Lion update rather than the SSD.
Yes and no...

While you're right that upgrading the RAM is the more cost-effective option out of the two possible upgrades, and the one that will provide more noticeable immediate improvements, if you really want your Mac (or PC, for that matter, this applies to all computers) to fly it is worth upgrading to an SSD.

Not just because of better boot & App launch times, but because of virtual memory. OSX (and Windows too) uses a certain amount of the HDD to supplement the RAM, in the case of Snow Leopard I think it's in the region of 10GB. That's why you should always leave at least that much space unused - as "breathing room" for the OS - on your primary Macintosh boot drive.

While upgrading from an ordinary hard disk to a solid-state drive won't increase the size of your virtual memory - Snow Leopard / Lion / whatever will still only allocate the same 10GB for VM - what it will do is speed it up (the same as replacing the RAM in your Mac with the same amount, but supporting a higher frequency).

The read/write speed of SSDs is significantly higher than ordinary HDDs (even 7200rpm "high speed" drives), meaning that OSX will be able to access the virtual memory significantly faster; and so speed-up the system as a whole.
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