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After spending the last twelve hours trying to get this to work, reading the instructions and searching the Internet, I'm hoping someone here can help me.

First, my specs: I have an iMac bought new from Apple in October of last year. According to the instructions, this should run 64-bit fine.

Without too much trouble, I got my machine partitioned and Windows 7 Ultimate installed.

("Without too much trouble" meaning I first did this all in 32-bit, installed Boot Camp, no audio worked, tore my hair out in frustration, then read I really wanted 64-bit for gaming. So I figured, fine, I'll reinstall everything as 64-bit, and that should hopefully also take care of the audio problem.)

Then comes the problem; I booted up in Windows and put in my Snow Leopard CD and try to run Boot Camp, and it insists that Boot Camp x64 is unsupported on this model - which according to the instructions, it absolutely should be. I downloaded the 3.2 update, but until it gets 3.0 on it, that's obviously not too useful.

Ideas on how to get it to install Boot Camp x64? Or, if the instructions are lying and it really won't handle 64 bit, how to get audio to work? (When I had it up on 32 bit I tried downloading drivers and rebooting, but that didn't do anything.)

Many thanks to anyone with any ideas at all.
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