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Recently I have been considering putting an SSD harddrive from OWC in my iMac 27" i3 (2010) 1 TB HD. I am not a huge computer guy (I would say my knowledge is above average, but is not even close to expert). I am just looking for some guidance as to what exactly putting an SSD in would bring to my iMac.

If I do decide that an SSD is a route I would like to take I would be replacing my superdrive with the SSD as I barely use the thing. I also know that OWC can provide a nice external case where my Superdrive can go.

On top of the pros and cons, can anyone explain exactly how to provide the most efficient system with an SSD, would I only put stuff on the SSD that pertains to the OS? and everything else on my HD? Also, I am looking at the 115 GB SSD, would that be sufficient?

I am pretty much just looking for as much information on the SSD drives as I can get from users who are using them. I know a quick google search would help, but I am looking for more of a "hands on" interpretation which is why I am asking here.

Thanks in advance.

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