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by the way, is the "untitled disk 1" my mac HD? I was alittle nervous when I was faced with " are u sure? this will delete mac HD", but everything is running smoothly ! ( aside from IE issue) ....I gave up with IE 6 in the end - tried to get to pages with IE updates but I couldn't stay on those pages - I kept getting "operation aborted" before i even had a chance to attempt to download updates, so in the end took chscag advice and went for mozilla firefox - never really understood befrore that the browser is an option/something you can choose - I've always had IE. I stumbled across an option for a safari browser somewhere along the way which confused me a bit as I thought safari was only for apple...but said it was for windows too. Anyway, I now have mozilla firefox and am relieved I can browse the webs through windows in bootcamp.....what do I do with the IE icon on my desktop? Do I delete it and uninstal IE from somewhere?

Also, hope you don't mind another ( last) question - I did buy a widows ergonomic mouse + keyboard in anticipation of this great day when my mac would be bootcamped - am I being unrealistic? Is it posisble just to plug in a windows mouse and keyboard and expect them to work seemlessly in both windows and mac? I almost daren't try it but it would be wonderful if I could have windows mouse and keyboard going...any thoughts welcome. Thank you.

ps - windows updates are in progress
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