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One issue I'm faced with immediately, and not sure if it's appropriate to mention it here but here goes: I seem to have IE 6 by default but on some pages ( which I go to via google) I get " IE cannot open the internet site....operation aborted" ....and this seems to be because they want me to upgrade my IE - so tried downloading IE8 but then get a message at the end of installing updates : " IE instal did not complete because your comp failed to instal a required update; pls click on the download button to manually instal"....I click on the download button but then all that happens is I'm prompted to instal IE8 and it happens all over again - so not sure what to do here and whether this has somehting to do with it being a mac computer, or whether it's some other issue. If I should raise this somewhere else, please let me know. Presumably it is IE8 I should be aiming for.
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