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Can you get a keyboard that is different and attach to the iMac? The reason here is I think the flat key board that comes with it will not be so easy to do touch-typing. I like a keyboard with a bit of play and depth. So could I buy just a regular keyboard and hook it up to one of the USB ports? Or does Apple have a regular keyboard option? (rather than the flat key option)
Hello Billy

Personally, if you're after a keyboard with more "traditional" keys, I'd suggest this one:

Apple Pro Keyboard 109 Keys White A1048 M9034 (Please note; I'm not specifically endorsing this particular vendor - which I've never had any dealings with - it was just the first listing of the model I'm talking about that I came across!)

As you can see it's got "normal" keys, and where it's still a proper Apple Mac keyboard (the model immediately previous to the current slim-line aluminum version), rather than a generic (i.e. designed for Windows) keyboard all the keys will be matched to the Mac layout & do exactly what you expect of them.

(Windows Key = Command Key is easy enough to remember, but the Backspace, Print-Screen, Delete, and Number-Lock keys on some Windows keyboards can map over to the Mac layout in odd ways & do some pretty strange things that you really don't need to be dealing with!)

Good luck & happy computing
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