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Originally Posted by NashvegasMatt View Post
wow... this is exactly what i said, weird.
- I provided a real-world example of a non-Apple keyboard plugged into Apple hardware. I also made the point that non-US keyboards, certainly for English language models, may need the internationalisation set, otherwise the @ and the " will be transposed.

- I mentioned a DVD writer just to clarify (though no Bluray as yet)

- I mentioned LibreOffice as a useful free open source office package for opening and editing MS Office packages

- I mentioned Bootcamp to help the transition to OSX go a bit smoother (assuming Windows licence can be transferred, and assuming setting up VMs would be outside of the user's comfort zone)

So you may wish to invest some time in some text comparison tools, "NashVegasMatt". There are set answers to migrations but a little elaboration does no harm
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