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Yo, iv got an iMac G4, its got a 256 MB and a 512 MB PC133 RAM, its slow as anything, i bought it second hand. When ever i open Safari it immediately crashes, what RAM could i install to make it work semi well?

I was reading how 3rd party RAM can mess things up, but im not sure what is considered as 3rd party ram.
This is what type of IMac it is,
Im very capable of installing new RAM, so please just let me know what ram will work.
Helps really appreciated, Peace.

It is currently running Tiger, (10.4.11) i would love to put Leopard on it but every time i try it doesn't work, even when i use LeopardAssist.
700MHz PowerPC G4
Memory 768 MB
Bus Speed 100 MHz
Boot ROM Version: 4.3.4f2
74.5 GB HardDrive
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