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I've been hanging on for a while, but am going to buy an iPad2. Just a couple of questions, all answers gratefully received!

I have a 30GB iPod with 3GB of space. Does the iPad sync with the same iTunes account? If so, assuming that it syncs all of the iTunes content, that would seem to suggest that a 32GB iPad is the smallest that I should get, and that it would probably be best to go for the 64GB iPad.

I am also seriously considering buying a MacBook Pro, too (I'm currently a Vista user, although I was a Mac user for a long time). Does the iPad, like my iPod, need to be formatted to work with either PC or Mac, but not both? That being the case, would it be better to buy the MacBook, transfer the iTunes library from PC to Mac, and then format the iPad to the Mac at that point?

Please forgive any ignorance on my part - I am very grateful to the expertise of other forum members.
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