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Wondering if you guys can help.

I'm using a late 2006 MacBook 2,1 (white 13-inch, Intel Core Duo, 2GHz, 80GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA, bus speed 667MHz, memory speed 667 MHz, 4GB DDR2 SDRAM [recognizing 3GB]) with Mac OS X 10.4.11 and GarageBand 3.0.4, to record an album of music.

When recording, after a couple of minutes it stops and I get the error message: "CoreAudio: Disk is too slow. (Record) (-10004)"

This happens even though no other programs are open. And it doesn't just happen when saving/opening GarageBand projects from the internal HD (which currently has 28.56 out of 74.21GB memory available), but also when saving/opening them from my 5400-rpm external drive.

So I am guessing the problem might be solved by simply buying a 7200-rpm external drive and saving/opening GarageBand projects from that.

My question is what is the fastest external drive setup I can get, given that my MacBook only has a FireWire 400 port -- would eSata be possible somehow, or am I limited to FireWire 800, using a 400 to 800 adaptor?

I am also thinking, in terms of performance (and given the age of my MacBook) would it better to use this new faster drive just for working with GarageBand and a separate external drive for backing up all my files, or can I get away with using one external drive for both purposes ?

Any thoughts gratefully received.

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