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I have researched this a little bit and am pretty confident that it will work fine, but I have a few questions about this set up.

I would like to hook my iMac up to my LG 42 inch 1080p HDTV. I believe the best method for this would be to purchase this device

And another HDMI cable to run to my HDTV.

2 questions
1. When it is hooked up, will my desktop be 'extended' or will my HDTV mirror my iMac? Or do I have the option?

2. Can anybody find that device cheaper on the web or in a store? 30$ is not a big deal but waiting until 4/22 is a little silly I think. I searched for about 30-40 minutes one night on eBay and could not find a Mini-DVI AND USB(for audio to the HDTV) so that I don't have to depend on the speakers from my IMac.


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