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I have an imac with snow leopard osx and today tried to run bootcamp to get windows os on it.

Not mac savy at all - I'm a long time windows user and very new to mac but wanted to try mac with windows which I need for work.

Ran Bootcamp assistant, had correct new windows xp cd, not sure what happened as regards partitioning drives -can't rememebr now but think I tried to create a very large windows drive which would have taken over 50% of the drive space ( maybe 60-7o-%) into trouble after it formatted the hard drive....had to repeat that step, involved deleting a drive and then re-creating or partitioning another drive ...not sure what on earth happened or what I've done.

In the end got a blue screen error message saying I had to switch off the comp; kept switching off but when I switched back on it would apparently start up windows and then go to the same blue screen error.

Tried the command (?) key after searching the net so I could go to mac hard drive but every time I select mac hard drive it says I need to switch off and back on - I do that, and then I'm back to the windows blue error screen, and then if I restart and go back to mac hard drive on start up by pressing the command key, it tells me to switch off again!

Can anyone help? Would be really grateful, thanks.
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