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Before I bought our Mini, our little boy (under 2 years old) was intrigued by the light on our old Windows computer. So naturally whenever there was a chance to press the power button below that light or to try and stick something in the floppy drive, there he was. He also wanted to be like Mommy and Daddy by using the mouse and keyboard whenever he could.

So when I was considering a Mac, some of what I was looking for involved child-proof features. Here are some reasons why I think the Mini is the ultimate computer in this respect:

1. The power button is on the back of the Mini and wonderfully obscure (some people hate this I love it!).
2. Its tiny size allows me to place it on top of the bookshelf attached to our computer desk, well away from any curious hands. You can't do this to a large computer box without some kind of large, strong shelf.
3. There is no CD/DVD drive button to push anywhere on it so nothing interesting can end up inside the computer even if a child can somehow reach it.
4. I set the Mini to require a password to log on after being in sleep mode (or if the screen saver is interrupted), just like our old Windows box. But unlike our old computer, after our son clicks the mouse or presses some keys it automatically goes back into sleep mode after 30 sec. or so of inactivity. A great feature I never knew about until after I got the Mini!
5. I bought a Mac Tower more for protection from any falling books on a shelf above than from children but I could see it being very good protection if a child should somehow knock the Mini from its shelf.

An iMac is too reachable and easy for a child to tip over. A Power Mac is no different than a Windows box with its front power and drive buttons. And the eMac? Well, it does weigh a ton so its hard for a child to move, but if Im not mistaken the power button is easier to find.
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