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Originally Posted by John T View Post
Looking at your photo of the capacitor, it doesn't appear to be damaged (capacitors of this type don't have leads, their connection to the circuit board are via the "pads" on each end.), in actual fact, they are very robust.

As has already been said, you need to locate somebody who is experienced with the use of a soldering iron - the circuit board is easily damaged if one doesn't know what they are doing!

In the most unlikely event of the existing component being faulty, once you know the value (any decent meter that reads capacitance will ascertain this) a new one will be readily available from any electronic component supplier.
Chances are near 100% that the component and circuit board are just fine.

It's just a tricky, hair-splitting solder job. I did it once and it is way harder than normal everyday soldering. Which seems unfamiliar to you (no offense).

So you need a geek that has done this before, who will already have the correct tools, magnifying glasses on fixed mounts, and supplies.
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