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Originally Posted by Doug b View Post
I'm SO confused. You returned the original problematic item in exchange for an entirely different model. This new model, had a dead pixel, so you took it back and then they afforded you the opportunity to try yet another one in-store, to make sure it wouldn't happen again, which it did, and thankfully you caught it! So they got out another one, which you are now satisfied with...

What possible "compensation" could you be hoping for in a simple case of "things do happen" ? Where exactly do you place the blame for you having to be "inconvenienced" ? You likely could have just RMA'd the product and they could have sent you another one via Fedex or UPS for free.. but then you'd still see that as an inconvenience I'm guessing, since you'd have to wait for it.

Personally I think you're being a bit of a baby about this. Why do you think you deserve compensation? I really don't. If I were in your place, I'd be happy that there's no hassle in getting a new replacement item. I'm just kind of dumbfounded that you'd even think about being compensated.. I don't understand what for? Seriously, I'm perplexed.

No, I returned the one with faulty hardware for one with the same model, I *then* upgraded to the more expensive 15" model.

I thought I deserved compensation because of the hassle and time wasted having to install things repeatedly, like Windows 7, Office, my music library, movies, etc.

There's no need for name calling. I just came on this forum for advice, not to be patronised or belittled by schmucks like you who seem to lack reading comprehension.