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Hey guys, I just switched to Mac about a month ago, when the line was refreshed.

The first machine I got, a 2.0GHz MBP (with applecare), made strange beeping noises when I did two finger scrolling in Bootcamp and also the music skipped if I played it too loudly. I kept the replacement for about a week then I exchanged it for a 2.2GHz model because I felt I needed more graphics power. After setting it up and installing things on it I noticed a stuck pixel on the display! I packed it up and returned it to the store.

In the store I opened another one and checked for stuck pixels and sure enough the one I just opened had another stuck pixel. Finally, the third one was fine and I ended up taking it home where I'm still using it. No issues so far.

I asked the Apple salesperson if Apple offer good-will gestures or compensation for customers that are dissatisfied and have been inconvenienced and he essentially said no, either I want the laptop or I don't. However, I spoke to Apple on the phone and they told me had I bought it through the telephone sales they would have offered something in the way of compensation for my trouble so I'm a little confused.

I rang the store and asked to speak to a manager (this was three days ago) and the girl told me she'll pass on my details but I haven't heard anything back from them yet. Her attitude was first one of incredulity and then "Things happens".

Now I'm tempted to call Apple Customer Services and explain all of this to them.

My question is do you think I should bother or will they just tell me to build a bridge and get over it? I switched to Apple because I had heard about their legendary customer support and also the reliability of their products so I feel a little let down.

On the plus side I'm enjoying my new acquisition, it's a dream to use (finally) with no issues of overheating or freezing.

Thanks for reading, hopefully someone can provide some guidance, or maybe even leads as to who I should contact?