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Originally Posted by chscag View Post
Obviously, it's because there are some folks who would copy the entire book or publication, possibly numerous times. What would then prevent them from distributing it? The copyright holder should be protected and the 10% is certainly, IMO, enough to use for notes, whatever.

You might be honest and respect the rights of the copyright holder but unfortunately not everyone thinks or acts that way. A paper edition of a book is much more difficult to reproduce - even with modern copy machines. Therefore you can not make a comparison between the two.
Yup, I agree and I understand the reason, the problem for me is that I wasn't aware until I was mid way through a book. It's not really amazons fault, they've come up with a way of distributing an electronic media whilst keeping the publishers happy, it was just a bit of a shock at the time.

Originally Posted by schweb View Post
FWIW, I love my Kindle. I do like the Kindle app on my iPad, but the iPad is just too heavy for comfortably reading any longer than short periods.
I kind of agree with this as well, although I do LOVE my ipad at the moment
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