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I am a complete tech noob here, I'm going to try and express my problem in as general/simple a way as I can. If any advice can be written with the fact that I don't even know how to manually insert commands with my macbook in mind, I'd appreciate it!

I have a Macbook Pro using Mac OS X 10.6.5. I've only been using it for a year, and everything is in relatively good condition.

However, just last night I've encountered problems with Safari and Skype. Safari opens fine, and if I don't type anything into the URL box and hit enter, then I can do all the clickings such as checking my bookmarks, history, etc. But once I type a URL in and hit enter, it loads a bit and immediately freezes (with that rainbow swirly thing). With Skype, it lets me open, logs into the interface, and lasts as far as me being able to see all the users that are online/offline on my contact list before shutting down (not just freezing like Safari, but disappears with the error message popping up.) I managed to download and install skype again. This time, nothing goes wrong until I click on a user name and open up the window to begin typing. Then, instead of just shutting down, it freezes.

I have reset/shut down my laptop multiple times, and attempted to "reset" Safari, since a friend suggested that it might be some cookie problem. However, Safari freezes on me every time I attempt to make a reset. Since it's the default browser for mac, I can't make any software updates either (assuming that will fix anything that is).

The two long error messages I get after I force quit Skype and Safari seem to be similar. I don't know if it'll be helpful for me to post them here since they're so long...but this is what my friend commented:

"both safari and skype failing at the same time means something is going wrong with the OS system calls made by both applications. the stack traces you sent me also seem to suggest this. Firefox uses its own internal programming to do everything which is why it still works. Unfortunately I don't know enough about development on mac to give you an answer from stack traces.

my best guesses would be something wonky in your font configuration or possibly graphics subsystem, windowing toolkit, or filesystem. it's a long shot but try repairing permissions and check the filesystem on your main partition in disk utility. I notice the safari stack trace suggests a failure at 18 HTTPCookieStorage::lookupAndCopyCookies() "

I've already repaired permissions and verified my HD. Everything seems to be fine with my HD, but the problem persists.

Another friend suggested that it might be problems with a program(?) called "Webkit". How do I go about fixing that?

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with my computer and how to go about fixing it? I don't remember downloading anything between the span of it working and malfunctioning so I'm dumbfolded.
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