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I didn't quite make it in time; however, I've decided it is time to upgrade from this PowerMac G5 to a newer Mac Pro. I've been researching the buh-jeezus out of these things, but I can't decide exactly which way to go. Do I snag an inexpensive 1,1, should I invest a little more and get a 4,1. If I do that, I may as well grab one of the new refurbs from Apple's site for $2k.

Suddenly I've talked myself up $1000 and I'm thinking, "how the **** did that just happen."

I know the 1,1 would take some upgrading to make it worthwhile, and if I'm going to upgrade, I should probably take a look at the 2008 models, minimum. DDR3 memory would be nice, but is it necessary... so many questions to ask. The problem is, I know the answers: and I don't like them. My mind and heart point to one, and my pocketbook points to the other. I just don't want to purchase and regret in two months. Has anyone else recently gone through this situation? Thoughts?

I know some of you are going to ask what I use my computer for, so preemptively, here's my list:

1.) Adobe Work (Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver)
2.) Games (Starcraft II, WoW, Diablo) [obviously not on my G5, but I'd like to on the Mac Pro as I could give my gaming PC to my sister]
3.) Troll on forums just like this one
4.) Encode and Rip home videos and pictures
5.) Utilize the extra drive bays for network storage (Time Machine)
6.) Attempt to post somewhat useful information on forums like these

That's about all I can think of. Any input would be surely welcomed!
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