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I have some questions about ipad 1 uses:

1. I have some PDF files I want to transfer to the ipad--how do I go about doing that?

2. will the PDFs automatically be able to open on the ipad? I did download a PDF viewer--is the viewer smart enough to recognize all the PDFs in the ipad and then incorporate it in the files, or do I have to manually do that?

3. I am having trouble transferring stuff at will from my computer to the ipad...and the only ipad controller i have on my computer is a little icon when I open itunes--am I missing something?

4. is it easy to delete or transfer stuff from the ipad back to my computer? i have a kid so I have lots of books and games and other stuff I would like to shuffle back and forth between my computer and the ipad--is this possible? ditto for music files...i want to transfer some but not all of them, and I would like to swap which ones I have on the ipad.

5. is there a screen cover I can get so the ipad can work better outdoors? If so, any suggestions?

6. the ibooks app seems much better than kindle in terms of how the pages can be turned etc... is the ibooks app the best for books you think?

7. how does garageband work on the ipad 1?

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