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I just looked over the 2008 specs and it is equally compatable with Lion's likely requirements (Which are mainly going to be graphics and x64 capable CPU) as a brand new one. Nice thing about the Tower systems is that certain key parts can be upgraded (Video Card, HDDs, RAM [even CPU(s) if you are brave]). As for Thunderbolt, it is possible that a PCIe add on card will be developed at some point but I have no idea if that will be a PC only upgrade or if one will be avaliable for Mac Pros since they will be the only Macs capable of recieving such an add on card. Luckily, there are two gen 2 PCIe slots on the 2008 (One for video card and one free) and two 4x gen 1 slots so there is bandwidth avaliable for a 10Gb card.

In other words, I'd say that a 2008 Mac Pro will be just as compatable with future OS releases as my 2011 MBP (And more powerfull than my MBP as well).

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