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Hello All:

New guy here, although I've used your forums for a long time to read up on some Mac advice over the years. I've finally broken down and went from snoop to "registree," anyway...

I currently have a PowerMac G5 Dual Core 1.8 that I've loved for a long time. With OSX 10.7 Lion coming out this summer, I'm fearing falling behind two (2) key OS updates. I'm currently toying with the idea of buying a nice, refurbished Mac Pro (MA970LL/A). My major concern with purchasing something from 2008 is the same issue as to why I'm contemplating upgrading now. How long before I fall behind again? I noticed that the RAM supported in the Mac Pro is DDR2 and not the current DDR3. Now, I understand that most users don't really utilize anywhere near the maximum capabilities that most Mac Pros have, but I worry about the near future. Will I be able to add a Intel Thunderbolt port? I'd like to think I would be.

Still using a MacBook Pro from 2006, and still surviving on my PowerMac G5, I understand that Apple has built nice longevity into their products, but it seems like we're getting to that "transition" time where the old become the obsolete, and the middle aged become the old. I guess, to me, it just seems like a scary time to buy refurbished. Any thoughts would be very much welcomed, and I look forward to picking your brains more often in the future!


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