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I was exerimenting with bootcamp trying to tripple boot osx, ubuntu and xp

I have everything backed up through time machine and other media on another external drive so im not really worried about loosing my stuff

Im honestly not sure what went wrong during the install, but i got to the point where no OS would boot

Now my problem is when i start up, the gray blue screen pops up where i would usually hold C to boot from my OSX install dvd, but for some reason when i do i hear the disk try to spin for a minute or so then it ejects

I know the drive works cause i installed ubuntu on a small partition so i could continue my schoolwork, but i was just wondering if anyone knew what i should do to get OSX back on

I can worry about linux and xp later i just need osx again so i can get my schoolwork done

Btw im on one of the original unibody macbooks, probably mid 2008

Sorry if there are sepelling errors, posted from my iphone
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