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hmm, i dont know the answers to all these questions

not sure about the gpu on the laptop, it is the standard core i5 i think

i do have safari open almost all the time and all day, so i can close that

i went ahead and ordered fce, so will load that and before i do anything with the camera i am going to research and make sure i have all the settings correct for this camera and fce
i dont remember if it ask me to set settings when i first plugged it into imovie
maybe that was the problem, the genius bar did not mention that

i see that on several forums, so will make sure i pay major attention to the settings this time

i also removed and reloaded imovie, a thing popped up saying i needed to do that for quicktime, so not sure if that was an issue or not

they did a lot of stuff with my computer at apple working on this and i dont remember seeing any pop ups before they did that, but who knows
maybe i movie was never right

thanks for all your suggestions, etc
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