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Originally Posted by robduckyworth View Post
thank you for the rep

this "~" means user, as you stated in the path earlier, so it should be in the user folder, if that is the correct path.

im not too sure on how you would implement the back up, but if its music she is worried about, the technician has backed them up so she could do a new sync.

if you have contacts in your Address book, you should be able to import them.
I will see in about an hour what the Tech did. He said he was able to migrate a lot of the data. I just want her to be able to sync her phone with no issues.

The NEXT issue is I renewed her old mobile me account to sync her contacts but she was made becasue her old mobile me address was with her maiden name and she wanted it changed to our married name......

I just found out you cannot change this once you renew the account. I wonder if I cancel account and set up new mobile me account how this is going to affect everything. I cannot imgaine this is going to be a good or easy process.

Thanks again for the reply.
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