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Originally Posted by robduckyworth View Post
so what you have is her User folder on an external drive, with everything underneath it (i.e Music, movies, Documents and so on?)

why dont you just plug in the external with those files on it, then create a new account on your working macbook under her name, then drag the corresponding files over?

i wouldn't recommend dragging the whole user folder on top of the new one, could cause conflicts in Apps that you have installed and so on.

im hoping ive understood your question correctly?
I think you did understand even thought it was scattered. What the mac tech said he had was her "user files" on the external and that was all he could get from the dead HD. So he is going to install a new HD today and TRY to migrate all of the data. If he cannot do that he is going to do a clean install of the OS and she would be starting from scratch and have to restore her iphone. I am trying to prevent that.

So the question is IF within those user files I can find her last back up from her iphone @ /Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup can I simply go to the same location on her new computer OR on her account and replace the /Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup(from old computer) with the one from the external HD? I am guessing she would just plug in iPhone and restore and it would restore from the back up added.

I just want to see what you guys think before I make her anymore mad about this whole thing and she goes back to a PC laptop and flip phone

Thanks for the reply

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