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My wife's iMac had the hard drive fail 2 weeks ago. I did all I could to try and use DU to save or transfer any of the data to an external HD (I bought her en external HD to backup to but she told she never did ) and I was unable to get ANY data off the HD as it would not even mount.

So I took the computer to our local Mac store( Not Apple ) Mac TLC here in San Antonio. They are great guys. Anyway, they were able to get her "User" data from her computer to an external HD. He said that meant Pictures, Music and Documents. Is the ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup included in the "User" data?

What I did was try to sync her phone to my macbook on her user account. Of course it said the phone was synced to another library so I hit backup then transfered apps. Well, of course that transfered her purchased music and apps but wiped out all the music and she wants to kill me. Anyway, to the point.

If the backup MacTLC did which includes the user files can I add those User files or even JUST the last backup she did on her old computer to the macbook or even a new computer? The guy said he might be able to migrate the data to a new hard drive but it is not for sure. So I wanted to go pick up external HD from them and try to just take that backup and add it to her account on my macbook so she can now sync with that itunes account using her same apple ID.

I hope I was kind of clear, I am at work and in a hurry. ANY help would be appreciated! Thanks.
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