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Hi guys,

I have been building, repairing and fixing PC's for years now and have a great deal of experience with them but recently someone generously gave me an Apple G5 (full specs unknown, I can perhaps post some photos if this will help us distinguish?). Macs are almost totally foreign to me!

I am lead to believe that it needs a HDD, Memory and graphics card, and Im unsure if theres any particular ones that I need. I have oodles of PC hardware lying about but wanted to check with you guys (people who know!) if these will work.

I was thinking:
-Standard 250Gb SATA HDD
-Standard PC Ram (PC133 i think) (2x512Mb)
-NVidia GEForce GFX card (AGP)

Will these be sufficient to get the machine up and running? I am also confused as to how I might obtain the OS for the device? Is there a specific CD/DVD I need to buy or perhaps download?

Finally, Am i good to go with Standard USB Keyboard and mouse?

Im eager for all your help, and appologise for my (probably) ridiculous questions, Im hoping that someone has the patience to answer me!

Fingers crossed I can get this nice machine up and running, Im eager to get away from power hungry windows!

PS: I used the search function, but everything seems to be aimed at the more experienced users
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