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Grateful for any advice for Mac purchase

Have been offered a 2008 Mac Pro dual 2.8GHz(8 core) + 8GB RAM + 1TB HDD + 320 GB for USD1600 with the option to get the ACD for another USD260

My needs are simple:
1) Always wanted to own a Pro - longevity of the machine as well as the design
2) Internet, MS Office, Watching Video, ITunes - simple apps which will not tax the Pro at all-I know the Pro is overkill

My debate is this:
For the same amt or slightly more I could get a current model iMac, Macbook Pro with similar performance(have used the Everymac Comparator).

My question is which is a better option:

a) used Mac Pro
b) Current Mac

Apologies if this is another one of those 'which one is better....' thread but I have searched various forums but I kinda got mixed messages so I though I give it another try by posting my own

Thanks for reading & yr views
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