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I have a dilemma for iMac v.s. Mac Pro

I am switching from PC to Mac. Unfortunatelly, because some of my programs run only on Mac (like AutoCadd), I will have to download Windows to it. I'm a beginner Architectural Designer and those are the programs I will be using:

-Rhinocoros 3D build + Maxwell rendering plug-in
-and few smaller design programs like sketch up etc.

Here is the trick: Some of those programs like AutoCadd, Photoshop, and Rhino, I may have to use simontanously, AND depending on a building material (concrete v.s. glass), Maxwell takes hours (50 hours for glass) to make a smooth, accurate rendering. So my computer may have to run for many hours at a time.

I also hope to expend the variety of programs as I grow as a designer.

In addition, I'll be burning and ripping CDs and do all the other everyday things that most people do.

I WON'T be playing games, or making videos... (at least I don't think that my job will require the latter any time soon...). I won't be doing much switching between Window and Mac, but some might be required.

I am not crazy about the idea of all-in-one iMac, and I usually replace my computers every 5 years or so, so expendability might be nice.

But I also don't want to go for 'overkill' if I don't need it.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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