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Hi everyone,I been out the Apple game for awhile and may be looking to come back. I been using Android for the past 2 years (currently the Atrix for the past 2 weeks), so I'm not up to par with the iphone as far as it's features, limitations etc. So I was wondering if some of you can answer some questions for me.

Do the iphone 4 have facebook integration that is as detail as Android's Facebook intergration? I know with the iphone 4 FB app, you can sync pics with your contacts. But does it also provide the FB status updates for the those same contacts?

How's the battery life on the iPhone 4? I assume it will be much greater and depend on the user's usage but like I said I been out of the loop for awhile. I have the Atrix and I usually get about 15-17 hours out of one charge.

Can the Iphone video chat with other devices particularly Android Users and/or apps such as Fring, Skype, Qik? And can it be done over wifi and 3G?

How's the camera? Is the picture quality nice and clear?

I know I will have more questions but I have to get ready for work. I have until March 28th before my 30 days is up to cancel or exchange my Atrix.

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