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Its been awhile since I needed to own my own router as the internet service provider I just dropped provided a very good one...anyway...

I plan on replacing my old Linksys G router with a dual band simultaneous N router due to the number of devices in the house, and the expectation of even more.

Currently have a blu-ray, 2 iPhones, Mac Pro Laptop, Work Dell Laptop, Wii, PS2, and an ipod that connect wirelessly and the old G5 desktop connects wired. Expect in the next year or two for a couple of more laptops to be addded as well as another gaming system for the kids and would like my choice to last a few years.

I picked up a Cisco E2000 not realizing it was not simultaneous dual band, plan on returning it this week and picking up another router. I think I have narrowed down the choices to the Apple Airport Extreme, Cisco E4200, or D-Link AirPremier

I realize that many persons on this forum currently have the Airport Extreme as its the MAC answer, wondering if it has a couple capabilities the Cisco routers have. Specifically can I specify internet access times (and/or even block certain sites) for specific devices? I do like being able to limit the kids iPods/Phones from connecting after a certain hour on school nights. Is there the ability to give a "Guest" password" allowing people internet access without gaining access to my actual home network?

Also if anyone on this forum is using the E4200 or AirPremier, I would appreciate any review good or bad of your experience using these.

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