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Let me help you out. Based on my recent visit to Best Buy, let me help you sell more Xooms:

- DO NOT display your fancy new tablet computer at the end of an aisle near the laptops where it appears to be an afterthought

- DO NOT display your Xoom on a rickety stand where the potential customer has to fumble around with the wires in the back.

- DO NOT set your Xoom settings to go to sleep mode so fast. Walking up to a dark screen isn't enticing.

- DO NOT require a Best Buy employee to enter his password before I can play with this $800 tablet. Slows things down, and I wandered over to the Samsung Galaxy display until I could find a Best Buy Guy.

- DO preload your tablet with some contacts, emails, and pictures. That shiny old iPad 1 on the next aisle had some really nice pictures pre loaded and let me see how the slide show worked. All the pictures were bright and crisp with happy people. The emails also let me see how crisp and simple the Mail program works.

- DO NOT put a Xoom on display that's got something wrong with it. At least I THINK something was wrong with it. Every time I swiped the screen or tapped something, it hesitated before it did anything.

- DO preload some sort of screensaver on your Xoom, so when I walk by, it makes me WANT to play with it.

- DO locate your Xoom where I'd expect tablets to be. The Galaxy was near the cell phones. The iPad 1 was near the Apple stuff. The Xoom was near the laptops. Maybe that's a Best Buy issue. Then again, a good Motorola sales rep would ensure it was on an end cap display. Like the iPad.

I do NOT have an MBA in marketing. I do NOT have extensive retail experience. I DO have $800 in my pocket, though, and I WILL buy a tablet. Unless my next attempt at a Xoom tablet goes any different, I WILL have an iPad 2. Or iPad 1. The iPad 1 was much quicker than the Xoom that I demoed.

Just trying to help. I was also trying my best to like the non-Apple version of a tablet. Not there yet.
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