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Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
Disk Utility is suppose to be able to safely re-size partitions without data loss, but I've never done it.

However, all of those other utilities that can do the same which I have used time and again without issue, I've seen them on the rare occasion of 'something' happening to cause data loss.

Don't know if DU will only re-size HFS partitions or any format - a google would probably answer that.

If your external is formatted as HFS, and you feel the internal is about to die, I'd probably try a Time Machine back up instead of resizing and doing a clone. A TM backup can be written to a drive with other data on it - but it has to be HFS.
Ahhh...that's good to know. I'm only familiar with the Carbon Copy Cloner program since I just used it a few months ago when I upgraded the hard drive (I think the new HD is defective). A few quick questions about time machine and I'll do the rest of my research on google/youtube.

1. Does time machine back up software? I have Adobe CS3 installed on my computer, but I don't have the installation disk. I don't want to lose this program!

2. Will time machine create a bootable copy of my hard drive?

The advantage to CCC is that if I DO have to replace the hard drive, I will have an exact copy of it on the external that I could then copy onto the new internal (whenever I get one). I'm hoping time machine will do the same.
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