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i had a similar issue:
the function keys ceased to function after i removed/replaced the keyboard. (i was quite upset at loosing my volume keys!). i took it back to the apple store and they couldnt figure out what was wrong and replaced it. *shrug* so i dont know if i f---ed it up or what.
btw: at least you were being productive, adding the card... i was just seeing what you could (or in this case shouldnt?) do with a laptop. *grin*

Originally Posted by ciaran.mooney
have a slight problem. i removed the keyboard to install a wireless network card, which is working fine.

unfortunatly my keyboard has ceased to work properly. the shift keys and apple keys dont seem to be working. they work sporadically when i really push the buttons down. this is an inconvience as you can guess

has anyone had this problem and more importantly fathomed out a way to solve it?

p.s. sorry for no capitals.
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