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I like Crucial, had good luck with them. They say about memory:
"No, you can install modules one at a time, and you can mix different densities of modules in your computer. But if your computer supports dual-channel memory configurations, you should install in identical pairs (preferably in kits) for optimal performance."
Anyway, I'd try 12GB, that's an awful lot, and you can run iStat (great widget!) or Activity Monitor and see how much you have free. If not so much, it's easy to add another 8GB (throwing out 2x2GB factory mem...or better yet sell on eBay for someone to upgrade to 8GB)

Concur 27" for video editing. And hey, I'm not a video editing expert but everything I've ever read indicates it is processor intensive
--> pony up for the i5 processor!!! I've run my machine SIX YEARS, I know money is money, but don't skimp on something you'll use for a long long time. That would be penny wise and pound foolish.
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