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I am curious why you have so many monitors/displays on your list? I guess it would be useful for different rooms in a house... now that i think about it.

I think my tech list would just be an Apple Tv. Have come for a possible "need" for one.

Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
My "tech product" wish list:

- 73" Big Screen HDTV
- 27" quad-core iMac
- 17" quad-core MacBook Pro
- iPad 2
- iPhone 4
- a setup to convert vinyl music to mp3
- a nice sound system for the 73" HDTV mentioned above
- an older 30" Apple Cinema Display
- a new 27" Apple Cinema Display
- Direct TV satellite system (to see if it's any better than cable TV)
- newest version of the Garmin GPS sports watch
- an Apple Airport Extreme dual-band router
- another large screen flat panel TV for the bedroom
- a triple 24" monitor setup...with one of those special triple monitor stands
- an 8-core Mac Pro
- etc, etc, etc

The more "realistic" wish list:

- an iPad 2

- Nick
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