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Turn time machine off. Reconnect the drive and see if it tries to do anything or just sits there. If it doesn't attempt to do anything have a look and see if any data has been written to it. See if you can see any data .

I'd then try an write a reasonably large file to it , say 10Mb or so. It shouldn't take all that long, about 3-4 second. ( just copied a 45Mb PDF took 5 seconds). See if it copies the file OK and stops. If you get the same problem as last night I would start to suspect a problem with the drive itself.

Again if all is OK I would reformat the drive, to remove all traces of the previous backup, and see if it works OK this time. Personally though I wouldn't trust the drive as it may be failing, and the last thing you need is a failing backup drive. I'd get a new one. Drives don't last forever.
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