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Hi all, I just joined here so go easy on me.

I have a brand new iMac 27 and until last night, I hadnt tried setting up and running time machine, but I poked around enough online to feel comfortable setting it up to use an external USB drive (500GB Western Digital).

I had to format the external drive since it was FAT32, but no biggie since the stuff I had on there was nothing I needed to keep any longer. Setting it up was a breeze, and my first backup ran fine - I believe it took less than an hour to back up 121GB of data from my 2TB HD. The data is largely photos and video and some music.

After completing the first backup, Time Machine "went away" so to speak, and I really wasnt focusing much on it nor was I familiar with its particular backup schedule or frequency. But later last night, I heard my fans kick in and looking at iStat menus, my CPUs were busy and my temp was way up (from where it normally would be). Normal for me is around 110 degrees F, and this was around 150F. I looked in activity monitor, but truthfully I dont know what I'm looking for or at. The CPU activity was the highest for syslogd and mountFS (FSmount? - sorry cant recall actually and not in front of iMac now)

I assumed this was Time Machine trying to write/read to the USB HD as I saw the external drive light flicker indicating activity....but this went on for 45 minutes and I couldnt tell if TM was actually running. Clicking TM from the dock brought up a dialog box telling me that no drive was found for backup. Reseating USB and such did nothing to resolve. Ended up forcefully shutting down when a shutdown was performed and it just sat there on a blue screen with spinning wheel (20 minutes or so) Upon restarting, iMac went right back to CPU/temp throttle and nothing had changed. TM still said same thing and USB drive still showed drive access light. So I disconnected the USB drive and disabled time machine. Things seem normal, temps and CPU are no longer even breaking a sweat. But I have no other Macs that I can test this non-FAT32 external drive with now to check if there is a problem with it, and my TM is now turned off so I dont have a backup solution.

Thoughts or suggestions? Anyone here with experience with a similar type problem and are my assumptions correct?

Thanks in advance for any pointers


iMac 27" i7 quad core / 8GB RAM / 2TB HD / 5750 ATI
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