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Hi all, my 20 month old iMac 24” 3Gz has started some odd behaviour with symptoms that are almost like no input from either mouse (other than simple movement) or keyboard is being ‘accepted’.

Start-up now runs like this – normal Apple boot up screen followed by a blue screen. From this there is no further change but pressing the on button briefly will bring up the normal display. However, then the ‘dead keyboard’ symptom is present. To clarify, moving the mouse over an apps icon does not make the apps name appear as usual – it literally is as though the iMac will accept no input at all.

A couple of times it has been ok for a minute or so after booting before the symptom recurs

However, I’ve seen it do a Time Machine backup, re-acquire the WiFi and it will happily act as the print server for a couple of MacBooks, so ‘inside’, it does seem to be functional – however, I have absolutely no control – I can’t shutdown using the mouse nor try a disk repair/OS reload – in fact, I daren’t now load a DVD just in case I cannot eject it afterwards.

I’m going to try the ‘remove-plug-hold-power-button-in-for-5-secs’ ploy tonight to see if that has any effect.

Other than that – any ideas? Or is this a back-to-Apple jobbie? Fortunately I have a 3 yr warranty package with just over a year to go.

Thanks for any advice you can give.
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