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Hello All,

I'm a bit baffled by something that's been happening with my new iMac. I have an iOmega hard drive that worked with my prior iMac perfectly well. On the new computer, anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes after I boot it up, the hard disk icon suddenly disappears and I get a message that the disc was improperly ejected.

I used to back files up to the hard disc manually on the previous iMac. With this one, I've been using time capsule and it worked fine for a while, but this weird disk ejection has been going on for a few weeks now.

A few times I booted up the hard disc and raced to eject it properly in hopes that things would get back in synch, but the problem remains unresolved.

I'd really appreciate suggestions about how to fix this. I'm reasonably adept with the computer, but not a professional.


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