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Originally Posted by jerickson View Post
I am new to this forum-- glad I found it!

I recently began implementing video into my marketing- and am using imovie- it is awesome to work with; however, when I am finalizing video, it takes an hour to finalize a 3 minute video.

Does "Final Cut" take as long and is it worth the money?

My Macbook pro is a month old, so I know it isn't the speed of the computer- wondering if this is a imovie issue?

Look forward to learning more on this forum- and contributing when I can!

It really depends on your application. If all you are doing is putting together a few short videos here and there for youtube uploads, then I would stick with iMovie. It's hard to judge whether or not Final Cut would be "worth the money" for you without knowing exactly how much and what kind of editing you are doing. I will say that it is definitely more flexible, and more powerful for that matter.

Regarding your issue, it definitely should not be taking that long for a three minute video. I agree with codda in that source files and settings would be helpful to know.
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