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After some serious thought, 6 weeks ago I purchased my first MBP, I did this through eBay which turned into a nightmare but it was soon solved and I decided to buy a new one from Apple Store.
The one I chose was a 15" with 3ghz processor, 4gb ram (upgraded to 8gb), 1gb grafix card and 1tb hard drive.

I needed the pc for processing work which has killed many normal pc's over the years due to the processors burning out over time. The work I do is code breaking and coding, this takes on average 6-8 minutes on a pc.
I installed parallels onto the mac and ran windows xp, this has proven to work flawlessly, coding is down to anything between 4 seconds and 30 seconds and EVERY piece of software I used on the pc works fine on the mac with parallels.

I have to say that the extra cost of the MBP is worth it, the machine is a time saver and does everything I can throw at it.

Only bummer is that I wished id done it years ago.
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