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Originally Posted by Sur3Mac View Post
Normally you can choose cut and paste from the drop down menu, but I thing the key combinations that are already known CMD+C and CMD+V makes it as easy as it's gonna get.

I don't think what you're mentioning is possible.

This is very important feature. Copy/paste keys are as important as any other letter in the keyboard, just essential.

Some problems with the shortcuts:

a) Old people : they have to learn PC stuff, and we are complicating things for them. They usually prefered to rewrite the whole stuff to use those shortcuts.

Only due to the stupid idea of having lot of empty keys (FX) and keys that you never use, but not keys for copy/paste. It is totally silly.

b) Virtual Machines : you have CTRL+C in the virtual machine (or any other combination depending on the system you are using), CMD+C
in the MAC and, for more complication, this combination can be used for other reasons (inside or outside the virtual machine).

In my opinion, I have no idea who has the great idea of having Windows keys, empty keys, battery keys, multimedia keys, but not a single copy/past key. Not messing with shortcuts, that changes from one system to the next and that some people just hate to use.

Thanks, CÚsar
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