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I've been using Word 2008 to generate a large report. I have two strange behaviors using the cross-reference function that I'm hoping someone can help me with:

1. MacBook Pro with OSX 10.6.6: I created captions and then generated cross-references inside the report. No problems with this. However, then I received a chapter (.doc file) from someone else (PC user) to add to the report. I pasted the text and figures in using "paste special" with the "unformatted text" option so that I could update the chapter using my formats (she didn't use them or use captions). Now, however, when I open the cross-reference panel, none of the figures are listed anymore! It's blank. (And so are the other cross-reference panels.)

2. Older Mac Desktop (pre-Intel) with OSX 10.5.8: Open the same document from #1 above - before the addition of the new text that leads to trouble described there - but here the cross-reference panel that works fine in #1, is blank here.

Has anyone run into this problem? Any ideas? This is a huge document with updates coming from different people, so formatting is painful.

Thank you in advance!
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